We chose to use Druimé because we loved her gorgeous vibe and the stunning photos with heart she has on her instagram page. We absolutely loved working with Druime. She is just so lovely and offered some great suggestions on styling before our shoot. We were so excited to do this little family shoot in our home. We could not fault the service in any way at all. Amazing & professional from the start & Druimè made us feel so comfie & relaxed! Even our camera shy dog loved her! I loved all the heart Druimè put into our photos- she really cares & it shows.

Melissa and Brian

Working with Druimé was a breeze. She suggested the beautiful location and made us all feel relaxed, at ease and comfortable. The photos were natural and had the energy and vibe I wanted them to have. And my daughters enjoyed the process too! Very happy with our experience and photos xx


Druimè has a way of making you feel completely at ease and comfortable. Being the first family portrait we have had done in years I knew feeling relaxed and natural was really important for us. Druimè has beautiful customer service, from the very beginning of initiating contact via message with her, to the moment she hopped out of her car and greeted us. Druimè was fantastic with the kids(also adults) myself and the pets too. Encouraging us to mingle amongst ourselves to get some natural poses as well as the formal type family portrait that I was wanting. She has a genuine kindness about her and made me feel at ease from the very beginning. I was so excited to view the images and was so surprised how quickly Druimè had them to us. They are beautiful and priceless to me and Druimè has captured us all perfectly.


I liked Druimé’s outdoorys and natural photos. I’ve only had studio photography before which didn’t feel or look natural. Druimé’s customer service was excellent, she was always quick to respond, she is friendly, and helped you feel relaxed. Druimé was a natural with my daughter. She is a lovely friendly person who clearly loves her job and makes everyone feel relaxed in her company.

Emily and Kevin

I have used a few photographers before, however I chose Druimé for her natural captures. Nothing posed or staged just my family chilling and captured as we are. Druimé has incredible customer service from contact to preparation before the shoot. Flexibility around times. So much information on how to prepare for the shoot before the day. Just exceptional customer care. Druimé gave the perfect balance of gentle guidance and distance to keep natural interaction amongst the family. These photos I will have forever long after my kids are grown up and changed. I would love to work with Druimé again in the future.

Natasha and Adam

Choosing Druimé was an easy choice, I knew once I saw her Instragram pictures and they reflected the easy laid back look I was going for. It was important that our photos captured the spirit of my children and family. I have only used a photographer once and this was much less posed and more natural. I also appreciated that Druimé asked me first what I wanted to be sure to capture. Druimé has excellent customer service , was always responsive and patient with my questions especially as it was really hard to make choices when I loved every single picture.

Sarah and Ray

My Photoshoot experience was everything I wanted and much more. We have used a photographer before but it was very staged and quick. My only hesitation was that my daughter in law would be uncomfortable with the shoot but I worried needlessly. Druimé was very very professional, prompt and accommodating. Very generous and relaxed with her time. Druimé saw opportunities to get pics in everyday events.


Photographing a family of 5 and in particular our crazy family of 5 is no easy task but Druimé found the calm in the chaos. I am beyond impressed with the beautiful and professional photos taken whilst the kids were riding their skateboards and later when we watched the sunset over the beach. Druimé went above & beyond to scout for the perfect spots to take our photos prior to the shoot and we can’t thank her enough for capturing these precious memories in stunning locations x

Jess and Adam

“Working with Druimé was a breeze. She got us all comfortable really quickly and the time with her passed in the blink of and eye. We hardly knew she was there which helped to get some great shots which didn’t look staged and cliche. They were natural and represented our family so well. Druimé was great to work with and had the shoot over and done with in what seemed like no time but she managed to get lets of different shots without any real effort on our part. She was easy to work with and captured the energy in our family”. Maike and Leigh

“The whole photo shoot process felt effortless. Druimé was a natural interacting with our kids. Without being directive or intrusive she captured some really natural moments. ” Nikki and Dale

We had the most beautiful day sharing our family happiness with Druime. Her professionalism helped us to feel comfortable with being photographed and she was able to intuitively choose such lovely backdrops that were perfect for what we were wanting. We will definitely be using her photography skills for our next family portraits ❤️Denise and Jez

Druime captured the moment I was pregnant for the first time. We are so grateful for those memories and look fondly on the beautiful images she gave us before our son arrived. Druime came into our home and knew exactly how to work with the space to make magic happen. She made me feel so comfortable and confident. Druime is passionate, caring, genuine and one of a kind. We will certainly be booking in with Druime to capture many more special family moments. Thank you Druime xxx

Jo and Lyon

They’re gorgeous. The sky looks amazing and with the beach to ourselves it looks like paradise. Thank you so much. Sarah and Ed

I’m not an easy person to photograph. I’m fussy, vain and particular. 
Luckily, Druimé is sensitive, empathic and has an excellent artistic eye. The shoot was relaxed and easy. Druimé was kind, generous and accommodating to my whims and moods. 
As well as being a whole lot of fun, she took beautiful pictures of me, that I get to keep forever. 
I can thoroughly recommend her amazing skills as a photographer, as well as being a fantastic person. 
Toni 💜💜

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