why do i not offer digital’s only ?

When I first decided I wanted to be a family photographer. I imagined I would be what they call a “shoot and burn” photographer.

However the more I learned and the more I realised about what goes into running a business, I decided I needed to change my business model.
There are two main reasons for the fact that I don’t just want to offer the digital files only. … Continue readingwhy do i not offer digital’s only ?

The value of a photograph

When my boys were babies, my friend who had not yet had children would remind me to get in the photo. She was able to remember that as a child she loved to see what her parents looked like when she was a baby. She would always say to me “let me take a photograph of you with the boys” I would get caught up in the, but I look terrible, I look tired, I look fat. I hate the top I am wearing. I even had braces when my oldest was a baby and I absolutely didn’t want my metal mouth to be preserved for life. … Continue readingThe value of a photograph

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