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Stop Hiding.

The world is ready for you.

I want to help you create your story so that you can connect to your ideal client

Druimé-Tender Life Photography

Story is my passion,

Being a business owner I have to come to know first hand how powerful good quality photos of YOU are .

People want to know they can relate to you, images that tell the story of you and your personal brand build trust.

Gone are the days when you could just put out an offer and hope for the best.

Instead in 2020 we must win our ideal client over with our story, by sharing our unique and authentic selves.

People need and want to know the face behind the brand. 

I am able to not only use my photography skills to help tell your story but I can advise and guide you to really nail down the message that you want to convey.

We will collaborate and we will create a drawing board designed to show, tell and connect the true story of you and your brand. 

I am a writer and photographer and lover of words and images.

I cannot wait to help write your story so that we can tell the world all about your gifts and talents. 

We are increasingly waking up to the fact that we can control our own stories and become our own CEO

Your ideal client is waiting to see the real you through heartfelt and true images. 

Images that tell your own unique story. 

Images that showcase your own unique gifts and talents

Druimé-Tender life photography

I’m not an easy person to photograph. I’m fussy, vain and particular. 

Luckily, Druimé is sensitive, empathic and has an excellent artistic eye. The shoot was relaxed and easy. Druimé was kind, generous and accommodating to my whims and moods. 

As well as being a whole lot of fun, she took beautiful pictures of me, that I get to keep forever. 

I can thoroughly recommend her amazing skills as a photographer, as well as being a fantastic person. 

Jodie @heartprescence

Druimé’s customer service was exceptional very warm and easy to navigate my gallery. She was incredible i had my girlfriends join the shoot and Druimé was engaging and warm towards everyone. Very natural and easy to be around. Thank you Druimé i love my gallery and had such a great morning. The shoot was fun flowy and you really captured the essence of my business Heart Presence was shining through in every pic you took. Big love to you and look forward to working with you again.

Jodie- @Heart Presence

I felt very comfortable with Druimé throughout the entire shoot, even though I was nervous about the session. I felt quite relieved that I liked the photos better than I thought I would. I was pleasantly surprised and was instantly so happy I went through with it. I have no regrets – I love the photos

Nicola @thebohobracelet

There is absolutely no question that I will work with Druimé again in the future, I truly love all my images.


I had been following Druime’s work and knew that I loved her natural style of capturing photos. I also loved the fact that there was a payment plan which was important for me as I am on a budget. Druimé’s customer service was excellent from start to finish.

Lauralee @llccreations Jewlery

Working with Druimé was a breeze. She suggested the beautiful location . The photos were natural and had the energy and vibe I wanted them to have. Very happy with our experience and photos xx


Carla Da costa

The best way to connect with your ideal client (or your ideal boss)? Images that showcase your own unique personality.


Looking for 10 Heart Lead Entrepreneurs who need help telling their own unique story.

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