Lets talk about Motherhood

Before I became a mother I didn’t know children could annoy me so much.
Before I became a mother I didn’t know I could shout so loudly.
Before I became a mother I didn’t know my patience could run so thin it could melt as soon
as I spread it out.
Before I became a mother I didn’t know I would daydream of being sick just so I didn’t have
to get out of bed, just so I could have a rest and not be responsible for anything. … Continue readingLets talk about Motherhood

why do i not offer digital’s only ?

When I first decided I wanted to be a family photographer. I imagined I would be what they call a “shoot and burn” photographer.

However the more I learned and the more I realised about what goes into running a business, I decided I needed to change my business model.
There are two main reasons for the fact that I don’t just want to offer the digital files only. … Continue readingwhy do i not offer digital’s only ?

what’s standing in your way?

She has long auburn hair.
She has green eyes and freckled arms.
She sort or looks like me, but she is twice my size. Easily about ten foot.
She has a menacing look on her face. Her eyes are squinted and her nostrils are flared. Her hair appears as if it has been back combed. Its thick and frizzy. Her fists are clenched and her feet stand firm on the ground.
I ask her politely to please move, she is blocking my way. … Continue readingwhat’s standing in your way?

The value of a photograph

When my boys were babies, my friend who had not yet had children would remind me to get in the photo. She was able to remember that as a child she loved to see what her parents looked like when she was a baby. She would always say to me “let me take a photograph of you with the boys” I would get caught up in the, but I look terrible, I look tired, I look fat. I hate the top I am wearing. I even had braces when my oldest was a baby and I absolutely didn’t want my metal mouth to be preserved for life. … Continue readingThe value of a photograph