What’s your favourite thing ?

Last Sunday as I was on my hands and knees tidying up children’s clothes and toys for the 27th millionth time that week , sick of shouting at them to pick up after themselves my nine year old came along out of the blue and … Continue readingWhat’s your favourite thing ?

Breastfeeding Photoshoot-Perth

I met beautiful Mama Annalise in Sydney. She wanted to capture that view all mothers know of their baby feeding while they are in your arms. It’s a view like no other. Their Special K shaped mouth suckling, their hands squeezing, or pulling your hair … Continue readingBreastfeeding Photoshoot-Perth

In home photoshoot perth – Sir fredrick samson park

When you book a photoshoot with me I don’t want to just blindly take pictures anywhere of you. This is your chance to capture the story of your own unique family. Think about where you love to go as a family, think about the little rituals you do at home. Do you dance in the kitchen? Do you read a special book ? Do your children like to sit in the washing basket ? Do you have a special you like to visit together ? … Continue readingIn home photoshoot perth – Sir fredrick samson park

Family Photoshoot-Leighton Beach Perth

How often do you gather as a family. How often do you drop everything and just soak up each others magic ? There is so much magic to gather into the pockets of your heart that all the time in the world would not be … Continue readingFamily Photoshoot-Leighton Beach Perth

why do you do what you do ?

For some reason I was created with a a love and wonder for all life. Right back to my childhood I wanted to know all about the earth. The fascinating creatures upon it. I would explore the field behind our small cottage in Ireland, catching … Continue readingwhy do you do what you do ?

A Photoshoot with me-Perth

I am someone who values prints. I have photos all over my house. There is nothing like a house full of memories forever stored on your actual brick and mortar walls. Pictures that are capable of transporting you back in times. Images that can bring … Continue readingA Photoshoot with me-Perth

Documenting Our days August 2019

love just getting my camera out and capturing my boys as they play in their imaginary world. It helps keep me grounded and to remember the road I want to stay on. I want to always remember how they were. How well they played together. How imaginative they were. How they become their true selves when they are not in front of a screen. … Continue readingDocumenting Our days August 2019

What Camera do you use ?

Perth Family Photographer What camera do I use ? I think my favourite possession is my camera. I am generally not into material things. However if I had to run from a burning building I would try my best to grab my camera. So my … Continue readingWhat Camera do you use ?