Floreat Beach Photoshoot

Floreat -Perth Western Australia-Branding and Family Lifestyle Photoshoot.

In 2013 when I was home with two babies I started a blog.

It was a way to release the creativity within me that was screaming to be let out, and so grew my love for being online through words and photography.

I joined online Australian Blog parties where we shared our weekly musings with each other and gave each other some “comment love”. and offered advice and words of encouragement.

It was there that I “met ” Carla, she had a gorgeous blog called “My Yellow Heart” (I think ) . Her words and photos drew you into her world.

I had no idea almost seven year later that we would end up meeting and forming a friendship in person.

Carla empowers and inspires women through her coaching and wellbeing at The Women’s Wellness Movement. She is insightful and wise and not afraid to tell it like it is, however she does this with grace and in a way that makes you want to listen.

Carla needed some photos for her new Charity website Rising Woman and also wanted to update a family portrait with her girls.

So like three Ocean maidens they arrived with their luscious hair and free spirits. We caught a beautiful sunset at Floreat beach , the girls roamed free through the sand dunes and spent quality time with their Mum.

It was a beautiful evening well spent at stunning Floreat beach.

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