Together But Apart

COVID-19 Social Distancing Doorstep Portraits -Charity Fundraiser

You either need to be careful what you wished for or ….

Embrace what you are given?

Have you wished you could stay home ? Have you wished life would slow down ? Have you wished you could all be together with nowhere else to go ?

Me too

Well here we are “Together but Apart”

Just like everything in life there are good bits and there are shit bits.

What matters most is making good memories.

Creating and doing what brings you solace and joy.

Which brought me to want to document this time.

How do we know what happened before ?

Stories, Pictures, Songs,

I am in awe of all the initiatives us clever humans have come up with.

I want to help document it .

So my project “Together but Apart”

Helps to tell the story of the Year 2020.

When the world had to stop.

When we had to help each other.

When doctors, nurses, front-line workers were finally recognised as the hero’s they have always been.

When the world stopped and stayed home and re learned how to BE. How to play, how to enjoy, how to cope, how to connected. What connections are the ones that truly matter ?

The year 2020 when Nature finally had some time to breathe.

When nature was able to show us what it really means to us. To show us we need it more than it needs us.

So show up on your doorstep together, with your wine, your neighbours, your dogs, Show up as you are. Because as you are is fucking beautiful. So lets celebrate that !

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