Quarantine Qualities

Happy Friday …

I mean Thursday….

I mean who cares….

How are you ? Tell me your Corona Chronicles?

I grabbed 10 minutes today in between breaking up two boys from killing each other and a work zoom call to write a list.

A list of gratitude in this Pandemic World.

Gratitude for so much that we take for granted. I mean ……. so much for granted , me especially.

✅ Supermarket Workers: When the world is in shutdown there you are wiping invisible germs off my trolley, policing social distancing and regulating panic buying like you have trained for this day for years. Yet still you greet me with a smile which is worth it’s weight in all the worlds tolilet paper. Since I haven’t left me home in over a week.

Smiling; I feel like I am more friendly these days wanting to smile at everyone I meet.

✅ You; the workers who still have to leave the comfort of your homes and beloved families. To work on the front line. Not knowing when you will be attacked by our invisible enemy or worse unwittingly take it home to your loved ones.

Music; don’t you find it ever so soothing right now ?? Like 100 times more than before!!

Moving to your own rhythm. Working from home and being able to eat, work, sleep when you want to and not have to stick to such a regimented routine. My fee spirit who spends her time daydreaming adores this 💖

Chatting with friends; So much gratitude love and appreciation for having people to call !! To feel with, to laugh with to vent with. I mean nothing else matters right now .

Nature; The Peace, the calm, the sweet distraction, the escape. It’s everything to us , nature 🌱 is our entire world, without it we would wither and die.

A home 🏠; somewhere to feel safe, to enjoy and not just feel like I am passing through 🚢.

✅Children; their distraction, their honesty, their enquiring minds, their living in the moment, their playfulness. Them not wanting to dwell on what the world is experiencing right now but their need to play LEGO , make rainbows 🌈 and video chat with their friends to take about arm farts 💨 and Harry Potter 💖.

I’d love to hear your little gratitudes ?

Tell me your Corona Chronicles in the comments 💖.

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