I See You Hiding- Mothers

I see you .

Mothers who avoid the camera , women who don’t want to be seen.

Maybe try wearing the glasses 👓 your loved ones wear when they look at you.

They see someone who takes care of everyone. They see safety, warmth, love. They see devotion and kindness and your true character whether it’s that’s fun free spirit wrapped up in the domestic goddess depending on the day and time of the month.

Instead of thinking about how you look.

Stop, breath, think about how you are loved , how you love.

Avoiding the camera 📸 means you are not leaving your mark and every body deserves to leave their mark .

When I edit photos I am always, always ALWAYS struck at how beautiful you are.

It’s like I really see you for the first time.

I notice your features, your eyes, your cheekbones what makes you, You !

And you deserve to be seen.

Life is way to short to hide.

Show us Her .

It’s so fucking important that you are there with your children in the photos.

It’s their history book, their guide , their map to return to , when they get lost . 💖💖💖

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