family photoshoot winter-east Ireland

While visiting my family at home in Ireland I wanted to treat my sisters to a family Photoshoot. Giving them the Professional treatment and the gift of a Large Print of their choice.

I was in awe of the soft Winter Light and despite most families thinking you cant do a Photoshoot in wet Ireland, I beg to differ.

The landscape that they live in is a breathtaking backdrop and as long as my family are dressed cosy and warm , the layers and colours of woollen jumpers can be a beautiful contrast to the sometimes dull sky and bare trees.

It took a bit of effort for everyone to get ready.

They so were not in the mood to have their photos taken.

However once we got out in the fresh air all their troubles were forgotten and they enjoyed each others company.

Aim of the Photoshoot achieved.

We wandered through the green fields, held hands, pushed each other into the mud, cuddled, kissed and most importantly had a laugh.

Come visit the East of Ireland where the mountains provide a stair to the sky and the cold water streams breath life to the green grass below.

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