What’s your favourite thing ?

Last Sunday as I was on my hands and knees tidying up children’s clothes and toys for the 27th millionth time that week , sick of shouting at them to pick up after themselves my nine year old came along out of the blue and said.

“Mummy I know my self better than you know me “

My first thought was MMM I’m not sure that is true , don’t you know the pain I went through to birth you ? Don’t you know the anxiety I have felt to ensure I was the best mother I could be to you . Don’t you know the worry I felt when you were always sick as a baby. Don’t you know the grief I put myself under when you wouldn’t eat your vegetables !!

“Don’t you realise I have watched you grow from a sick , clingy and anxious baby into a smart thoughtful independent wise and funny boy.”

Instead I said

“Yes dear Child you are probably right.”

For I want him to know his likes, his dislikes, his passions, his drive intimately so that nobody else can tell him how to think or how to be.

To which he responded with .

What then is my favourite thing in the world?

I had to think about this.

He had me by the toe this smart wise child.

“MMM Is it maybe your Harry Potter book ? “

“No its not”

“Do you give up ?”


Its family !!!

Yes his favourite “possession ” is his family !!!

Us taken by Trina Cary Photography

This giant statement by a small boy who loves sweets and pocket money and the next best toy. Loves his family more than anything else in THE WORLD.

It brought me to tears and made me feel proud of the Human Being that he is.

Dare I say most children would probably say the same if we really stop and think about it.

That in a nutshell is why I love Family Photography !!

Because with the hour of family connection you get in a family photoshoot. You gift your children a lifetime of memories.

Actual tangible memories that they can actually hold in their hands.

Memories they can pass down to their grandchildren.

A legacy of precious and Tender Moments forever captured in your families own unique Art .

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