Breastfeeding Photoshoot-Perth

I met beautiful Mama Annalise in Sydney.

She wanted to capture that view all mothers know of their baby feeding while they are in your arms.

It’s a view like no other.

Their Special K shaped mouth suckling, their hands squeezing, or pulling your hair or simply just waving about. The cheeky twinkle in their eyes.

Their chubby legs kicking.

Or those dozy doe eyes as sweet slumber washes over their busy little minds.

Its a view you miss when they no longer want to be fed by you.

So to have those precious moments immortalised I think is something every breastfeeding mother should have.

For me it was such an honour to be invited to capture such personal images.

These were images I definitely had on my bucket list and would love to create more Breastfeeding/ Bottle feeding art with any willing Mamas out there.

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