In home photoshoot perth – Sir fredrick samson park

When you book a photoshoot with me I don’t want to just blindly take pictures anywhere of you.

This is your chance to capture the story of your own unique family.

Think about where you love to go as a family, think about the little rituals you do at home. Do you dance in the kitchen? Do you read a special book ? Do your children like to sit in the washing basket ? Do you have a special place you like to visit together ?

Think how special it would be to capture these times and places in your family story portrait session.

In my recent session with Jo and Lyon, we debated many locations, the beach, the river, the orchards.

Perth Family-In Home Photoshoot

In the end once I thought about their needs as a family I suggested we start in their home.

With a young boy and a beloved dog I wanted everyone to be at their most comfortable.

We also came to the idea separately of going to a local park to capture their little boy exploring the great outdoors.

Sir Fredrick Samson Park

As a result we spent the first half hour in their home. I wanted to just capture them as they are in their own surroundings. A home filled with great Joy and laughter. We explored their wonderful garden and wandered through their impressive veggie patch.

Jo and Lyon’s little boy was in his element showing off his bedroom, his dog, his books, his skateboard and his Dads garden.

Once we hit the park the adventure was on and the adults needed to keep up.

The evening light filtered through the trees spreading a light mist of golden light to paint help paint the joy and fun into our images.

What a magical afternoon we had .

Thank you Jo and Lyon for allowing me to capture your beautiful family’s memories.

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