why do you do what you do ?

For some reason I was created with a a love and wonder for all life.

Right back to my childhood I wanted to know all about the earth. The fascinating creatures upon it. I would explore the field behind our small cottage in Ireland, catching butterflies and bees, climbing down the steep bank to the freezing bog filtered stream by the side of our house.

Plunging my hands into the freezing cold water to lift up the rocks searching for creatures I had never seen before.

I would document my discoveries in the checklists of guidebooks on insects and flowers my parents had given me as a birthday gift.

I would write poems, and draw pictures on scraps of paper.

Self expression poured out of me in images, and words on paper rather than spoken words.

I was described as quiet and shy and weird.

I never liked being called weird.

For I thought weird was something we try and stay away from.

But despite my introversion I was always full of love for others. Now as an adult I am no longer introverted (most of the time :))

This is a side of me I have learnt to harness, through connecting with like minded humans.

My curiosity into Tender Life brought me to study marine biology. While not being particularly good at maths or physics. Biology was where I excelled.

For some reason I have an innate need or connection with the tenderness of this precious one in a billion stardust filled earth and all the beings inhabiting it.

My journey has led me from nature to animals and now people.

I am acutely and incredibly aware of our purpose on this planet.

It is to love,

It is to Connect

It is to lift each other up.

It is to share, celebrate, enjoy, laugh and most importantly care for one another.

It is in community and sharing of ideas or stories.

Stories are how we have evolved and how we continue to evolve.

Yes we are surrounded by data but stories are definitely not data.

Stories are hearts and souls and spirits.

So with my need to collect, collate, categorise, record, preserve.

I want to help you with your story.

Help you preserve and make history.

For your brick and mortar walls, your children’s memories, your grand children’s story.

That is why I do what I do.

That is why I value so deeply the honour of helping you to record your own unique tender, true and precious story.

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