A Photoshoot with me-Perth

I am someone who values prints. I have photos all over my house.

There is nothing like a house full of memories forever stored on your actual brick and mortar walls. Pictures that are capable of transporting you back in times. Images that can bring smiles to your face and to your heart. Maybe tears to your eyes but you are so glad that you have that treasured memory to always remind you.

I offer a mix of digitals and prints. I leave it up to you to decide what you want and what your budget is.

I see our hour long photoshoot as a partnership between us. I will discuss with you what photographs you really want me to take. I will gently direct you so that we can get the best shots possible. However I also want you to wander our location as a close and loving unit.

“I Capture True and Tender Connections for Relaxed and Fun Loving Families “

To book an hour session the cost is $200

Perth Family Photographer

What does this include:

2 weeks before your photoshoot a detailed welcome pack is sent to your home in the actual post, such a treat in these virtual days.

This pack gives you some insight into what to expect, how your photoshoot will work, what to wear, how to prepare, some information on the best location choice for your family.

Perth Location for your Choice

In those two weeks leading up to your photoshoot we can chat either on the phone or through messages where I can be available to discuss your outfit choices and location.

2 days before the shoot I will call you on the phone to discuss any further questions you may have and to confirm our location based on weather forecast and expected sunset / sunrise times if we are doing location shoots.

On the Day of the photoshoot I will let you know how it’s all going to work . I will get down to your children’s level without my camera in their face and chat to them , get to know them. Please leave getting their smiles to me. I find if they are given too much direction they will become grumpy making our photoshoot less fun.

Perth Beach

After our hour of fun in the setting sun.  I will race home and edit, edit, edit ( I actually love doing this because of all the feels of love it gives me seeing your faces enjoying each other’s company) so that you have the best of the best photos in your private online gallery.

My Mission is for you to connect to the human nature I portray in my photos. I want you be able to come back to your photos and for them to remind you of your families own unique story.

Also included in your session fee is one gorgeous 8X12 Matt Print. I use Atkins professional printers in Adelaide. They are incredible printers that have been in the business a long time and they truly produce some stunning products that will be priceless heirlooms in your home.

My minimum spend is $330. This for you could be some more 8×12 prints.

Prints start at $65, canvas collages start at $390 (20×20) , digital collections start at $500. The entire digital collection plus a beautiful high quality photo album from Atkins is available for $1190 .

Still can’t afford it ?

No problem just jump on my VIP list . Every month I give away a free photoshoot for some lucky person on that list.

Click this link to sign up ! 

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