Drumé’s Rules for Life

I found myself in a bit of a funk this week. The week before I had been sick and needed a whole week off work. I had completely lost my voice. While I am more of a listener than a talker it was a little frustrating not being able to express myself, especially when it came to parenting! I did however observe some things that I may not have noticed had I been able to talk.

My funk this week got me thinking and remembering all the things I do to make myself feel better and reawaken the positive mindset that likes to take a holiday whenever I allow it.

So I have come up with 10 Rules For Life, obviously they are individual to me but the way in which the human condition is experienced, I hope that maybe my rules for life can help others too?

  1. Exercise: You can so easily slip back into that can’t be arsed state that your lazy bed loving teenage world hating self wallowed in. While its important to rest don’t rest too long. Probably no longer than two days. You know that at the end of a gym session of which you arrived at wishing you hadn’t, but left saying “Fuck Yeah” I love exercise. That sense of achievement gives you confidence, mental and physical strength. Those endorphins take that negativity and crushes it between those 15kg medicine ball slams. Exercise is your drug.
  2. Reflect: If you are feeling shit about something, if something is bugging you , if something creates tension in your tummy. Reflect on that. Ask yourself “Why Am I Feeling Like this “. Don’t ignore it, investigate it. There is a lesson to be learnt.
  3. Apologise: Communicate, don’t close doors, burn bridges, be open, say how you feel, explain yourself. Apologise, acknowledge, be humble.
  4. Keep focused on your dream. Realising dreams takes time, years, lifetimes. You are here to live it. Head down, bum up. Keep Fucking going. Brenè Brown says “if you are not in the arena getting your ass kicked on occasion and being brave I am not interested in your feedback about my work” . Remember this. “Comparison is the thief of joy” Celebrate others but ignore what they are doing and focus on where your heart is leading you.
  5. Time with friends, there is nothing more healing. You can sometimes get caught up in your homebird nest, but you know that time with friends pulls your out of yourself.
  6. Creativity: With trying to start a business you have come to realise when you stopped working on this you got depressed, you lost hope for life. You wanted to give it all up. Simply for you, being creative is akin to fresh air. Without it you wither and die.
  7. Give yourself a break: Yeah ok, you drank too much wine, you didn’t get out of bed on time, you didn’t mark off everything on your to do list. You are not a robot. You are a human being who runs out of energy. Go watch Netflix and Chill. You are not a lazy person, you are just tired and your brain cannot focus. Cut yourself some slack.
  8. Talk to your partner don’t shut him out. He is not the enemy, your inner critic is a narcissistic sociopath, but you are definitely not her, she is made of air and darkness. You are made of love and light.
  9. Sleep is the ultimate healer. If you can’t cope take yourself to bed and read a book. Before you know it you will be shown the answer.
  10. Knowledge is power: You have found podcasts, reading and researching is what keeps you on track. When self doubt comes a knockin send it back to the black hole it climbed out of with, research, connection and human stories.

What are your rules for life ?

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2 thoughts on “Drumé’s Rules for Life

  1. Franceska Kumarage says:

    Awesome stuff darling girl…now print me a big poster to put up at my work…as well as we need to have a catch up drink and chat, Franceska xx

    1. Druimé says:

      Thanks Franceska for reading and visiting xx


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