why do i not offer digital’s only ?

When I first decided I wanted to be a family photographer. I imagined I would be what they call a “shoot and burn” photographer. Where a photographer offers digital files only.

However the more I learned and the more I realised about what goes into running a business, I decided I needed to change my business model.

There are two main reasons for the fact that I don’t just want to offer the digital files only.

Number One: Quality Control

Although taking a photograph might seem like it is super easy and that there is not much cost involved. There is actually a lot more to it than just clicking, saving and sending.

Behind each single photograph by a professional photographer is valuable time, expensive equipment like cameras, lenses, computers, lights, investment into software usually by monthly subscriptions, photography education, marketing, website hosting, online gallery storage, equipment insurance and liability insurance.

All of which are ongoing costs if a business is to remain marketable, sustainable and profitable.

Therefore the photographs you take for others are the final product at the end of a detailed carefully constructed expensive sequence. The Photographs are a representation of your brand. It is your Art. It makes sense then that a photographer may want to have some input and suggestions to the finished product, how it is printed, where it is printed, how it is best displayed ? In a collage, in Matte or on Canvas in an album, or just the humble print.

Number Two: Because everything is Digital These Days and I am an old fashioned girl at heart

We live in a world that depends too much on screens, iClouds, only digital sharing of your family pictures.

I want you to walk into your living room each day and to see your beautiful family’s glowing faces in a large real life print. Reminding you how your children have grown, or how much you have evolved as a couple. I want you to be taken back to that time, to feel those feelings of contentment again. To feel that love time and time again.

Last year we had family photos done.

They were beautiful

But…….. They are currently still sitting on the “will get to that later pile” in my imaginary cloud.

It is not just Art, it is your families history, its someones last memory, its your child’s future dream.

So they are the reasons I don’t want to just hand over Digital Files only. I want to ensure you get the best quality, the most value out of your investment. I want you to actually hold your investment in your hand not stare at it on a screen saying “I must get that printed”……… someday !

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