lovin the little things

Tender Life is all about savouring the moments. Preserving them for safe keeping. It can be scary how easily we forget the small delights that make us feel happy and safe and contented.

That is why I create stories and the photos fill in the gaps where words cannot fit.

A List of the Little Loves

  1. Cool Mornings, when I can wake up but do not yet have to get out of bed, when I can snuggle down under the duvet. Oh man that is heaven right there. That is something perhaps I would not noice so much if I didn’t live in a country with 9 months of summer!
  2. Listening to Podcasts on my way to work. Such as “No filter” with Mia Freeman, “Lady Startup”, “Unravelled Academy”, Love them all, They make me feel focused and real and help me believe in pursuing my dreams.
  3. Friday Night Movies with my boys. I am in love with their Harry Potter obsession. The eldest is devouring the books and the movies are on repeat. I never got into Harry Potter when it first came out. Probably because I was in my early 20s and I was too busy having a good time to notice Harry Potthead oh I mean Potter.
  4. Sunday Morning Lie In’s no other words needed
  5. Taking Photos of course !!
  6. Creating my Tender Life Photography Space and having the honour of people join along for the ride.
  7. Reading Harry Potter to my boys. I am so thankful to JKR for allowing her imagination to gift the worlds children with her magical characters. Her books are an absolute pleasure to read. When they get me to read Pokemon on the other hand ……….they have to nudge me to wake me up from the boredom.
  8. Making My own Hummus
  9. All my little family cuddled up together on the one couch.
  10. My beautiful Kelpie Girl Rose
  11. That first taste of red wine.
  12. Ticking things off my To Do list
  13. Kissing my boys cheeks.
  14. Chocolate Brownie Smoothies
  15. Chocolate
  16. Chocolate
  17. Friday Nights
  18. Editing Photographs. I love this so much.
  19. Getting messages from my Family on our Viber group. There is always something funny being said.
  20. Creating stories, for me , for you , for them x

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