I love just getting my camera out and capturing my boys as they play in their imaginary world. It helps keep me grounded and to remember the road I want to stay on. I want to always remember how they were. How well they played together. How imaginative they were. How they become their true selves when they are not in front of a screen.

This is where they will find themselves again should they ever become lost , or loose sight of what feeds their souls. Whether that be reading a book, creating or adventuring outdoors.

I want them to see how privileged, loved, and cared for they are.

How to respect nature, how to care for our plants and animals.

A Photo Series of their playful days may one day be treasured by them as much as it is by me.

These are the photos I also want to capture of families. The beautiful ordinary funny but tender moments.

Sometimes We Need To Find a New Perspective

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  1. Paul says:

    Hi Druime,
    I have been looking at your website and your awesome blog, the photos are amazing but your stories and words are what will set you apart and really make this venture such a success, your reflections on life’s moments and how precious they are are so beautifully articulated that although I have worked with you in your professional day career for a long time, your passion for life’s moments and photographing them took my breath away
    So as they say “Rome wasn’t built in a day” but little step by little step I think this venture will be your crowning glory.

    Good luck is needed in all new endeavors but you are well on the way to creating something really special

    Cheers Paul

    1. Druimé says:

      Paul. Your supportive words mean a great deal. Thank you so much for taking the time to wander through my website and Blog and even better to leave these amazing words that I will read over, they have also helped me perhaps find my own niche.

    1. Druimé says:

      Thank you So Much Rebecca xxx Lovely to have you visit. Cant wait to see your new site xxx


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