The value of a photograph

Last year my Mother in Law died.

We knew it was coming.

But it doesn’t lessen the pain, maybe it just reduces the shock.

One of my tasks was to go through her box of photographs.

My partner is an only child.

I was looking for a photograph of him with her. Just the two of them together. While we had some that I had taken over the years. There were none………I mean not one of his mother holding him as a small child. While he was utterly adored by her, something of which she ensured he was aware of. There was no photographic evidence of them together. He had no image of which to show him how she held him when he was small. How she smiled at him, how she gently rubbed his cheek in adoration, how she cared for him when was sick, how she played with him.

I know he was born in the 70s and well people were not so obsessed with capturing every moment back then. I still found it sad. That nobody took the camera from her to capture her as a mother.

When my boys were babies, my friend who had not yet had children would remind me to get in the photo. She was able to remember that as a child she loved to see what her parents looked like when she was a baby. She would always say to me “let me take a photograph of you with the boys” I would get caught up in the, but I look terrible, I look tired, I look fat. I hate the top I am wearing. I even had braces when my oldest was a baby and I absolutely didn’t want my metal mouth to be preserved for life.

But you know what?

Perspective and Hind Sight are both a blessing and a curse.

Looking through my photographs of my babies. I hardly feature in their lives. Its mostly their Dad. This also makes me sad….

When children look at their parents they are completely blind to their flaws. They do not even know what flaws are. That is something we project onto them. If they do notice , they may stop for half a second investigate ask questions and then move on. They do not care. What they do care about is how you make them feel. A photograph can have the power of filling in the gaps when words are inadequate.

Last year I paid for a family photoshoot of us having fun on the beach on a very stormy crazy day. We had so much fun. We all felt nervous. However we came back exhilarated, full of smiles, love and laughter. It was simply a time for us to stop , cuddle and enjoy each others company while the photographer followed us around.

But guess what ?

The images were stunning.


We never printed them !!!!!

They are sitting online waiting to be brought to life.

Have those images that you invested in printed.

There is nothing better than holding a photograph in your hand and gazing, remembering its story, how you felt, how your children were at that time.

Get in the Photos !

Print the Photos.

With so many images being taken every day we start to loose touch with the value they can offer to our lives.

Paying for a photographer may be seen as a luxury.

But when a photograph is all you have left…………


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