There is no Wifi in the Forest-Perth Photographer

October 20 2018_94

We gathered our young ones including the dog and set off into the sunset heading South.


 We got lost in the forest and we found love, lots of laughter and the most excellent connection.

Jez and Denise stronger than ever. Enjoying the company of their beautiful, kind, clever and funny boys.

I was honoured to be allowed capture their wanderings along those stunning Boranup Forest Paths.

“I want to come back as a tree ” One whispers into the glade.

This forest is breathtaking however being able to capture a family enjoying the trees and more importantly the company of each other makes it even more special.

Have a look for yourself.

October 20 2018_65
October 20 2018_49
October 20 2018_48
October 20 2018_39
October 20 2018_32
October 20 2018_17
October 20 2018_5
October 20 2018_4

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