Sarah and Ed

They were leaving the shores of the Indian Ocean to venture back to their home land on the shores of the English Channel. They wanted to remember the beach where they spent so many hours soaking up the warm Australian sun. As irony would have it instead of warmth their last day had a distinct wintery vibe.

Alas I knew that this would be better, for the clouds in the sky as a perfect backdrop did not let us down. We had the beach to ourselves and the children savoured in the freedom. They cuddled close and I preserved their memories. For those days not too far away when the idea that they once lived in Australia seems like a faint daydream carried away like a message in a bottle.

Thank you Sarah and Ed for allowing me to capture these memories for you it was an honour to be witness to the love and excitement of your family gathering. I hope home was like a welcome balm xx

SarahandEd060918_14 B +W

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