For The Love

I am only at the beginning of this portrait photography journey.  However I have been lurking in the background for many years now waiting….

What was I waiting for ?

I was waiting for my confidence to grow.

But it won’t grow without fertile soil and it won’t continue to grow without Light !

I push myself through the darkness of self doubt and sometimes on the other side I can see pure gold. Gold that fulfills me . Fills up my creative bucket and my desire for true connection.

You see an introvert by nature struggles to push herself out of her warm safe shell. But you will never find true fulfillment if you don’t make yourself look like an idiot first. Truth is, it is only you that thinks you will look stupid. Others stand back and wonder if she can do it , well why cant I?

We want to follow those who offer their passion to the world because it helps us feel connected to something. The human condition upon which we are blessed with.

So despite being an introvert I actually have a great love for people.

I find it hard to put into words the gratitude I have when I am allowed to take a persons photograph. Especially when it is them and only them staring into my lens allowing themselves to be vulnerable.  If only for a few split seconds.

This is my gorgeous friend Toni. I had a few images in mind for her. She was happy to oblige. She came prepared with costume changes and make up. She was an absolute dream to photograph. The Images I had in mind became a reality and more….


I actually really love head shots . There is something so raw about them . I love capturing someone staring down the barrel of my camera. These words below could not explain my feelings better.

                                                                When You Photograph a Face 

                                                                         You Photograph 

                                                                      The Soul Behind it

                                                                         Jean-Luc Godard

I know most hate being in front of the camera. All I say is think of it as some time to rest and just be you. Do something for yourself that your future self will be grateful for.

Why do I love Photography ?

I get to create, I get to escape, I get to be me and only me. I get to connect with people and honour their space. It scares me because I have so much I need to learn but what is life if not for learning.

So Thank you Toni for allowing me to capture your soul.

I loved seeing you in your Tree Throne.


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